Friday, June 07, 2013

INCREDIBLE: Fox Hosts Suddenly Hate Same Wiretapping They Supported Under Bush

/Americans Against the Tea Party
Taking their hypocrisy to a whole new level, the biggest group of liars on network news, also known as the folks on Fox and Friends, responded with alarm and outrage to the news that the national security agency has been collecting the phone records of millions of cell phone customers without first obtaining a warrant, conveniently forgetting the fact that they were all strong proponents and defenders of the exact same actions when undertaken by their darlings of the Bush Administration.
Thursday morning on their FOX News marathon of distortion, the hosts railed into the Obama administration, accusing them of abusing the PATRIOT Act with a “gigantic overreach” of executive power.
“What is the objective of getting these numbers and collecting all these numbers from all the millions of Americans?” asked co-host Brian Kilmeade. “Are they overseas calls? Is there terror activity? Is there reason to be suspicious? Or is this abuse of the PATRIOT Act?”
Steve Ducey, suddenly a self-proclaimed legal expert on the PATRIOT Act, went on to say that this kind of executive investigation is a violation of the Act’s section 215, which states that “You could go after people based on individual investigations,” but forbids collecting data from average American citizens.
As we have come to expect from FOXNews, and especially Fox and Friends, in the 2006 broadcast, Ducey and other fox hosts were saying the exact opposite about NSA wiretaps.
During the authoritative rule of the Bush Administration, the host of “Fox and Friends” were publicabout their cynical nixing the term “warrant-less wiretapping” in favor of calling the investigations “the terrorist surveillance program”. Adding insult to injury, they even went out of their way to justify the practice.
On January 25, 2006, Kilmeade said, “Let’s call it the terrorist surveillance program. That would be a lot easier.”
Doocy agreed, saying, “And more accurate.”
“Yeah, more accurate too,” Kilmeade said. “If you’re for the NSA wiretapping without going to the FISA court, I guess warrant-less, then most likely you’re Republican.  If you are against it, you most likely are a Democrat.”
This is another example of just how treasonous and hypocritical Roger Ailes and his pathetic FOX News network puppets are when assessing the legality and validity of the reasoning and explanations provided by the Obama Administration, given the fact that they were drooling over every single infinitely more egregious overreach of executive power carried out by the Bush Administration.
Not only did the entire network cheerlead the Iraq war, they were strong supporters of waterboarding, secret prisons, the PATRIOT Act, and even the Justice Department’s illegal screening of the political orientation of potential lawyers.
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