The GOP has given up on policy and so now they are running on white racial resentment under the white sheet of Fox News. The FoxNewsiverse stirs up that white racial resentment towards THE OTHER and the GOP makes it harder for THE OTHER to vote on the state level where they control power. Meanwhile the FoxNewsiverse keeps telling us that racism is over except racists like Al Sharpton and Eric Holder who are keeping racism alive because it is profitable for them to do so.
Because it's not like white billionaires would stand to gain something by turning poor conservative prejudiced white folk against poor black folk while robbing them both. Remember Obamaphones and how Mitt Romney told audiences that Obama was giving black people free welfare money with no work requirement. Nah, they'd never do that exact thing they just did a few months ago!
When once Glenn Beck called Obama a racist who hates white people and white culture amidst outrage a few years ago it is now safe and routine to accuse Obama of being anti-white and an instigator of racial tension. The RW media runs with this because what else have they got left? Obama is fixing the deficit faster than previously expected by raising taxes slightly on the rich, the economy is kinda sputtering to life while the plutonomy is fully recovered and corporate profits and CEO salaries are better than ever, what else does the Right Wing have to run on? So they blow the dog whistles, same as they have always done.
    The reason white supremacists are responding positively to Bill O'Reilly is because Bill O'Reilly sounds like a white supremacist these days. How else can the GOP keep poor white people voting for Mitt Romney without blaming poor black people for being lazy and expecting free shit?
   This is how stochastic terrorism works, and Bill O'Reilly is effectively stochastically terrorizing black people when he paints them all as potentially violent drug addicted lay-abouts who can't be bothered to help themselves. This drumbeat leads to an environment where Trayvon Martin gets shot because some idiot got the idea in his head that all black kids have to be regarded as potential thieves and threats, and it is that same social racism the GOP has exploited since Lee Atwater's Southern Strategy that dominates their economics, anything they don't like can be named "Welfare" and destroyed because lazy workers can't expect more than they are paid. The same Stochastic Terrorism designed to rile up Fox Viewers against Doctor George Tiller, Muslims and pretty much anyone else who right wing pundits direct the blame of societies ills upon has an interesting overlap with the people white nationalist do not like, does it not?
   Laid bare the GOP has nothing left. Leaderless. Idealess. Driven now only by Fox News and the billionaires who own their think tanks and media conglomerates behind a slew of grifters and know-nothings. The Heritage Foundation has urged them to give up on governing and stick to flinging fake scandals at Obama in the prayerful hope that something sticks and getting House Republicans to govern is like trying to get a crocodile and a sandshark to mate. What else does the GOP have but the only thing they are good at anymore, making it harder for black people to vote. Republicans are why we can't have nice things anymore.
    So here are white supremacists posting O'Reilly videos about how white racism can't be blamed for black people's problems. You know, the people who are saying "Racism is over" can't act surprised when White Supremacists smile in approval. You built that together.
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Don't be too enthusiastic lol. By merely inviting his latest guest, that Hollywood actress Victoria Jackson, ridicules right wingers again. O'Reilly needs to do his homework before he invites all kinds of people. Letting fools speak doesn't help nationalists at all.
True. Even a fools words can be dangerous influence.
I've had all kinds of debates with peoples online.
No matter what facts or statistics I mention, all these people say is the same generic garbage, "don't you know we're all human? Segregation is dangerous!" ect. and they always end up getting dozens of thumbs up.
Yes, letting fools speak doesn't help white nationalists at all, which is why I am strongly suggesting that white nationalists along with Bill O'Reilly kindly shut the fuck up.
Because if fools are not allowed to speak for white nationalism how else will they get their message out?
And the same could be true for Republicans. Someone accused me of saying that all Republicans are racist and I don't think that is true, I think the GOP creates an environment where animosity towards black people, minorities and poor people is totally acceptable and racist people respond to it the way you would expect them to respond to people who seem like minded as they. So no, the entire GOP is not racist, BUT the side with the most white supremacists on it is the racist side and right now that is Bill O'Reilly's side.
What do they really fear? Well, as quoted above "Even a fools words can be dangerous influence."
The problem(?) with this new awareness in the black community coming to light is that they might after ten or twenty years begin to get their sh1t together.
That's what white supremacists fear, the same thing Bill O'Reilly fears, that despite all the hurdles and roadblocks put before them the people whom they'd prefer to keep in second class citizenship might get their shit together and demand better.
So there you go, Bill O'Reilly! The White Supremacist community is right behind you and hanging on your every word. You built that, fuckface. I hope you're proud, you pinhead.