Thursday, August 22, 2013

The Birth Certificate Donald Trump Won’t Talk About


In the leadup to the 2012 election, entrepreneur, perennial presidential flirt and reality television star Donald Trump spent a good deal of time loudly spreading the false conspiracy theory that President Barack Obama was born in Kenya and, thus, ineligible to occupy the White House.
However, Trump seems far less interested in discussing the intricacies of 2016’s birther-esque drama — the Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) citizenship saga. TPM has attempted to speak with Trump multiple times over the past three days about the release of Cruz’s birth certificate and revelations the senator holds dual citizenship in Canada and the U.S., but Trump has not responded. 
On Aug. 11, Trump appeared on ABC’s “This Week,” where the network’s Jonathan Karl asked him about Cruz’s Canadian roots. In the interview, Trump said he had been told by “somebody” that Cruz was “born in Canada.” He went on to say that Canadian birth would “perhaps” make Cruz ineligible to run for president. Speaking to Salon the next day, Trump said that, if Cruz was indeed born in Canada, then the senator would have to “explain that.”
However, Trump has not weighed in since Cruz’s birth certificate was released on Sunday prompting the revelation that, as someone born in Canada, Cruz is a dual citizen. TPM first attempted called Trump’s office about the issue on Monday. During another attempt on Thursday morning, Rhona Graff, Trump’s assistant and a vice president at the Trump Organization, said he was “traveling.”
“If he’s able to get back to you and wants to respond, then you know he definitely will,” Graff said.
Trump’s quest to resolve the non-issue of Obama’s birthplace was relentless. He even took creditwhen the White House released the President’s “long form” birth certificate in April 2011. Since Trump seemed interested in getting an explanation from Cruz as well, it seemed almost inconceivable he would not want to weigh in on the release of Cruz’s certificate. TPM tried his office a final time Thursday afternoon. Graff said Trump was “visiting one of his many properties” and assured TPM she passed the message on to “somebody who’s with him” and that he would respond “if he gets it and wants to reply.”
In the meantime, Trump posted over 15 messages on his Twitter page during the course of the day Thursday. Since it seems to be his preferred mode of communication, TPM also tried to talk with Trump about Cruz on Twitter. He has not responded.
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