Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Ann Coulter’s Psychotic Racism Too Much Even for FOX

by: Richard Rowe/Americans Against The Tea Party
As though looking like the threeway love child of Anna Nicole Smith, Mr. Ed and Josef Goebbels weren’t enough to garner attention, Ann Coulter upped her “I’m gonna eat some worms” score today with this golden nugget:
Someone needs to explain to me why gassing Arabs is such a bad thing. I mean, aren’t these the same people that attacked us on September 11th? Look, the system is working; Arabs are killing Arabs, and that means in the future there will be fewer of them trying to kill us.
She went on:
I say we send them all the chemical weapons we have, and let them sort it out among themselves. Hopefully, when it’s all over we’d be left with some empty space to colonize. Personally, I’d like to see megachurches and Home Depots outside Damascus.
Astonishingly, even Fox and Friends found this one a little over the top. Shawn Hannity replied:
Don’t you think that’s a bit shortsighted? I mean, it seems to me like you’re advocating genocide. How can you possibly defend that position?“]
Challenge ACCEPTED.
Brian, this isn’t genocide. This is more like Breaking Bad, when Walt sees Jesse’s girlfriend choking on her own puke and doesn’t help her. It’s enlightened non-interference.
So, there you have it. That’s Ann Coulter in a nutshell. Forget Aristotle, Plato, even Ayn Rand;THIS is the face at the heart of Ann Coulter’s spiritual and moral center:
 Corporate-owned as he is, host Brian Kilmeade couldn’t ride that train. Perhaps it suddenly occurred to him that might bounce back negatively if Fox were publicly seen applauding the ethic of  a sociopathic meth dealer.
He stunned Horseface into 20 seconds of awkward silence with this:
Yes, but these are innocent human beings caught in the crossfire of a terrible civil war. Don’t you feel any empathy for them at all? I mean, Arabs are just as human as we are, and should be entitled to the same level of dignity and respect. Right?
Wow. Now that IS pretty enlightened. Especially for a guy who not two months ago told the leader of a violent anti-Muslim hate group “We got your back.”
Maybe that’s why Ann was so blessedly, blessedly quiet for so long. Cognitive dissonance.
But, not to worry…Ann’s never caught short of exonyms and accusations for those who dare to disagree with her:
That’s some liberal bullshit, Brian. Where’d you read that? The New York Times?
Or Leviticus 19:18. But, you know. Whatever.
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