Friday, October 25, 2013

A TEApublican Actually Tells the Truth About House GOP! ‘We Elected Them to Block Obama’

by: Barbara Friedland/Americans Against the Tea Party"

Is there truth serum in the water? Have Republicans and right wing hate mongers started saying what they really believe? 
Recently on her radio show, Laura Ingraham told a listener that the GOP was elected to become a bloc to block the black President. Okay, she didn’t say black. But her words still were astonishing. Forget the large and salient issues facing the country today. Real problems that many citizens are struggling to overcome. 

Also, disregard traditional Republican fetishes: demonizing women and minorities and finding ways to restrict their rights. As Mitch McConnell (R- You Could Lose the Primary or General Election) stated, on the record, after the election of 2008 that his main goal was to Keep Barack Obama from being reelected. Come on guys. These are the kind of things folks say in private, behind closed doors. Well the Congress, especially the crazy caucus, cannot totally impede progress. No matter how much the hate speech was ratcheted up, President Obama was re-elected. And his signature legislation, the Affordable Health Care Act, was signed into law. Now, when a splinter Republican group shuts down the government, the people, in large numbers, get angry. The plan to obstruct President Obama just isn’t working. Listen to Ingraham here: 

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