Monday, October 14, 2013

Fox ‘Reporter’ Walks Out of White House Briefing in a Huff After Not Being Called On (Video)

From Americans Against the Tea Party:
Fox News reporter Ed Henry apparently is about as thin-skinned as they come. At a press briefing on Friday, Henry wound up walking out before the briefing was finished after apparently feeling snubbed, not once, but twice by White House Press Secretary Jay Carney. Henry, representing the Fox News perspective — in other words the Republican point of view — has had several contentious moments with Carney over the last couple of weeks, especially as it pertains to the government shutdown.
After Carney took questions from all the other TV reporters in the room, Henry started to ask a question when Carney immediately cut him off and went to a newspaper reporter. Then after he’d answered that reporter’s question Henry made one more attempt to ask a question when he was ignored by Carney again. Showing visible disdain, and shaking his head, Henry got up and walked out of the press briefing.
Maybe someone should teach Henry the parable of the boy who cried partisan hack questions at every single press conference. Or perhaps he needs a lesson about how for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. In other words — if you don’t want to be ignored and want to be treated like a journalist, you should start by acting like a journalist in the first place.
Watch the clip of Carney and Henry below:
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