Monday, November 04, 2013

Support For Gun Regulation Helps McAuliffe, Opposition Hurts Cuccinelli In Virginia Race

Even in a state that has seen heavy campaign cash from the National Rifle Association, the gubernatorial candidate with the stronger stand against gun violence has a 7 point advantage, according to a new Public Policy Polling pollcommissioned by the Center for American Progress Action Fund.
When asked if Democratic nominee Terry McAuliffe’s position to ban guns on college campuses helps or hurts him, a plurality of 40 percent said they were more likely to back him while 29 percent said they were less likely. Asked similarly about Republican opponent Ken Cuccinelli’s position against background checks, 47 percent of likely voters said they were less likely to back him and only 18 percent said they were more likely.
According to the NRA’s own measure of the candidates’ gun positions, McAuliffe and Cuccinelli rank “F” and “A,” respectively. Cuccinelli has made no attempt to hide his NRA credentials during his campaign for governor, either, boasting at the site of a mass shooting that he is against expanding background checks.
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