Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Olympic Gold Medalist Claims Chris Christie Bullied Him into Withrawing from Senate Race

by: Sky Palma/Americans Against the Tea Party

In yet another problematic development for the scandal-racked Chris Christie administration, Olympic gold medalist Carl Lewis has come forward claiming that Christie personally pressured him to withdraw from a senate race against Christie ally, Kim Guadagno.
In 2011, Lewis challenged incumbent Republican Dawn Addiego for her state Senate seat, but Guadagno issued a ruling that declared Lewis did not meet the residency requirement to run, prompting outrage from Democrats. When the case went before a federal appeals panel, Lewis was ultimately denied the ability to run. But now, according to a report from the Huffington Post, Lewis is claiming that Christie personally told him that he was not wanted in the race. -
Lewis said Monday the governor called to dissuade him from running as a Democrat for state Senate in 2011 against Republican Sen. Dawn Addiego (ah-dee-AY’-goh). Lewis says he was told the fitness program they’d been developing wouldn’t materialize if he ran. Lewis says the governor felt the post “was a carrot he could pull away.”
Lewis actually went public with the allegation back in 2011, but at the time Christie’s office said it was a “misunderstanding on Lewis’ part,” adding that the athletic program was “all but dead” anyway.
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