Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Poll: Tea Party favorability hits record low giving positive news to Democrats

Robert Sobel/The Examiner
In what can only be good news for Democrats heading into the 2014 mid term elections, the Tea Party wing of the Republican party are receiving their lowest favorability ratings since they broke into Washington following the 2010 mid term elections.
The 2010 mid term elections were what President Obama called a "shellacking," as Republicansregained the House of Representatives and broadened the gridlock in Washington. As the years followed, less has been getting down in Washington than ever before and Congress has been receiving their lowest approval ratings in its history. According to recent polling, another group seeing their numbers drop is the radical right of the Republican party, otherwise known as the Tea Party.
According to a recent Gallup Poll, only about one-third of Americans view the Tea Party in a positive light, with about 48 percent being neutral on the issue. What is also alarming for the fanatical right wing group is that only 22 percent of those polled consider themselves supporters of the Tea Party.
A Washington Post/ABC News poll released just after October's government shutdown showed the numbers even worse. The Post/ABC poll had the Tea Party's favorability numbers at the record low of only 26 percent. As expected, 80 percent of Democrats and 62 percent of Independents have a negative opinion of the Tea Party and even 34 percent of Republicans agree with that sediment.
Each poll shows that those who have a negative opinion of the Tea Party believe they were also to blame for the government shutdown, which could hurt the Republican party as the 2014 mid terms inch closer. Many political commentators and "experts" are predicting big wins for Republicans in both the House and the Senate, but if the Tea Party and their high profiled elected officials continue with their rhetoric, the end of the rainbow for the GOP won't be quite as bright.
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