Todd mentions the new WP/ABC poll from yesterday, about which we are all cautiously optimistic, and says this amazing thing:
We’re taking the poll with a grain of salt for now until we see more numbers post-enrollment deadline, but at a minimum, it’s an important political booster shot for Democrats, even if it is just for today.)
We could make a long list of things we all wish Chucky had taken with "a grain of salt."  Where has his bag of salt-grains been?
Back to the more central question, though.
Since mid-October 2013, the GOP has been riding a wave of negative stories about the law, whether it's been the troubled website, the early low enrollment, the delays in implementing the law, and the stories about Americans negatively impacted.
Could he say more plainly that the MSM has been doing all of the GOP's heavy lifting for them in the past six months (or really, much longer than that)?  Behind the question seems the implication that it is a choice the MSM must make.  Will they continue to try to sell the ACA as a failure?  Notice that the implied alternative is not a bunch of positive stories, but simply nothing.  Chucky does not ask "What if all the negative headlines are replaced by positive headlines?"  Where's the fun in that?
Perhaps more telling is the discussion further down in his badly written column about the mental disconnect in Kentucky:
“Even Republicans here say that some Kentuckians will criticize ‘Obamacare,’ but in the next breadth emphasize how well ‘kynect’ works, as if they are not part of the same law.” So can Democrats in Kentucky somehow run on “kynect” and thus “dis-kynect” themselves from the president’s health-care plan?
Notice, he gives no thought to the possibility that the media might work to educate the public about facts.
Chucky, you are giving away the game.