Thursday, September 08, 2016

Internet racists freak out after NFL’s Marshall protests anthem: ‘This country is full of traitors’

/Raw story
Denver Broncos linebacker Brandon Marshall became the first NFL player to kneel during the National Anthem before a regular-season game, joining former teammate Colin Kaepernick’s protest of systematic racism.
The camera lingered on Marshall’s silent protest at the start of the NFL season opener, pitting his defending Super Bowl champion Denver Broncos against the runner-up Carolina Panthers.
And Twitter racists lost their damn minds.
The quest for another one begins tomorrow night.. Chapter 5 underway 😈 
@BMarshh54 stand up u POS, hope u get what u deserve. Someone needs to put one in your earhole. u fn scumbag.
@BMarshh54 poor little oppressed millionaire. Well done
@BMarshh54 can fuck off. Makes millions of dollars in and like @Kaepernick7 has no respect for the chances he's been given
@BMarshh54 You're a Piece of shit. Don't stoop to @Kaepernick7level. Respect the country you're free in

I bet you will call the police if your family was in danger. Get out of this country and take your butt buddy with you
It's to bad  and  weren't alive during WW2 so they could be thrown on the first boat to Omaha Beach

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