Thursday, September 22, 2016

Yes Donald Trump supporters should be shamed

For people who lives outside of the state of Michigan, the Detroit News is probably known for two things 1. carrying the water for the state and national Republican party. and  2. their editorial board goes out its way to  justify or defend racism.

For their ironically titled section "Think" the second moron in charge behind resident grand wizard Nolan Finley Ingrid Jacques writes a piece about how hard it is for Donald Trump supporters and mean people are going to shame them. A couple of things the  people who are supporting Donald Trump were the same people eight years ago mocking then Senator Obama as only being a community organizer and citing he has no experience to become president. Yet Donald Trump has no history of being elected to anything and if you cite his business record as a reason then let's look at that record 1. his business owes millions of dollars in debt  and 2. the man lost money in the casino business.

She whines about Clinton's basket of deplorable, which is an incorrect statement it's not half most if not all of Donald Trump supporters are racist. Trump kicked off his campaign claiming Mexican immigrants were criminals and rapist, on social media Donald Trump and his sons have retweeted white nationalists and other white pride accounts. And he recycles myths about the black community in front of mostly white audiences. And just yesterday he wants to make stop and frisk a national thing and the only people that get stop by this program are black and latino men.  Before that Donnie jr decided to tweet an offensive meme comparing Syrian refugees as Skittles.

Let me go back further one of Trump's top campaign managers worked for the biggest right-wing website on the web today "Breitbart" and that site is home to people who don't care for people of color, women, people in the LGBT community and non-Christians.  And Jewish journalists are coming out and telling their stories of Trump supporters posting anti-semantic bullshit in their Twitter timelines and emails. All Ingrid has to do is go to Google and type Trump rallies and racism she'll see the New York Times video entitled "Voices from Donald Trump's rallies" where you hear Trump supporters scream dirty beaners, you see a guy wearing a shirt saying "Fuck Islam" and during a portion of Donald Trump's speech to the crowd he mentions President Obama and you could hear a person scream "Fuck that nigger". Even the Daily show ripped the white hood of Trump supporters by asking them simple questions and these morons fucking it up.

So in closing yes Donald Trump supporters should be ashamed because there is no logical reason case can be made for why Donald Trump should be president.
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