Saturday, January 07, 2017

Keeping it 100 Fridays

By me

First of all, I would like to say fuck everyone that makes up the far left and right.  You guys were the reason the 2016 election sucked now my rage is more aimed at the far left than the right because being angry at white folks who been voting to slash their own throats since the late 1960s is like being angry at a newborn that poops on itself, it's what you should expect. If you give poor Republican voters a choice between a government that actually functions and everyone has a chance to have a decent life or a government that doesn't do shit for anyone but your perceived enemies(blacks and Latinos)will suffer they'll pick the shitty government.

The far left on the other hand has always value purity over everything, my personal belief of Wikileaks they had no role in changing minds hardcore Bernie fans would have found any excuse, not to vote for Secretary Clinton. Hardcore Bernie supporters invested two years on hating Clinton for the simple reason she had the nerve not to bow down to the greatest that is Bernie Sanders and got out of his way in the primary. The hate for Clinton among the far/emo left is on par with the hate the right has for her.

I get having a preference but the hate I saw they had for her was like Hillary Clinton came to their house personally, took a shit in their Fruit Loops, killed their dog, kicked their dad in the balls, bitch slap their mom and called them dirty piss drinking monkeys while leaving out the door. I didn't like Bernie Sanders but I didn't hate the man the same way they did for her.

But the sin the far left has committed over and over again is they're cool with risking other people well-being and rights for false purity. This is why I'm more angry with the far left than the far right. The far right has an excuse they're dumb and filled with hate. The far left likes to pride themselves as smarter than the average liberal and light years smarter than the average conservative. So they knew the risk of the Republicans having control of both the white house and congress yet they didn't give a fuck because Hillary Clinton wasn't as pure as they wanted.

The thing that gets me about the far left many of their heroes are not pure from Bernie who voted to side with the hate group the minutemen and voting to dump toxic waste in Latino communities, hardcore Bernie supporters claiming they couldn't vote for Clinton because she was a Goldwater girl but their second choice Elizabeth Warren voted for Ronald Reagan not once but twice and voting for Republican all the way up to 1996, they loved John Edwards before we knew what kind of shitbag he was and granted a majority of Bernie supporters for Clinton but when you look at the states she lost and look at the numbers Jill Stein got in those states you can make the case the hardcore Bernie fan gave those states to Trump. And speaking of Jill Stein the Daily Beast exposed had a piece her as a fraud as hell so the far left ability to pick heroes and leaders is shitty.

Now  there are about 20 to 30 million people are scared shitless because we got a Republican government looking to rip it away from them without a viable replacement, you got the LBGT community scared because the gains they were made for them could get rolled back via executive order or some bullshit law congress passed the first amendment defense act pretty much allowing assholes to use religious reason to be bigots, hate crimes going up post elections and god knows what else these right-wing lunatics want to do. And all this going to happen for what because no one outside that box of white well to do liberals didn't want Bernie Sanders as the Democratic nominee.

Check out purity left Twitter, they're still talking shit about Clinton. People are going to suffer and these clowns are still attacking Clinton and attempting to gaslight their role in enabling a man who's going to make George W.Bush look like fucking FDR.

Fuck Cenk Uygur, Fuck Glenn Greenwald, Fuck Mike Malloy and if you're a fan of these guys or guys like them fuck you too.
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