Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Hey Kid just shut up and make crappy music

Before I start I like out to point these two things out Kid Rock is a fraud and a moron, but he's a dangerous
moron and fraud if he decides to run against Debbie Stabenow. Nah, he won't be dangerous because he has an agenda that appeals to working class people or he's going to beat her on facts or being on the right side of the issues. What makes this wannabe dangerous is this giant shit sandwich that is the media in southeastern Michigan.

Kid Rock doesn't have to stand for anything or have any values all media will do is point to his celebrity and remind us he stood by Detroit roughly 9 million times before election day. And any screw ups or fuck-ups on his part will be swept under the rug and if we point out the fact the man knows nothing outside making shitty music, being a chameleon because the dude went from hip-hop rock to just rock to country and now this shitty halfway sound of country and classic rock and banging white trash groupies they'll say why are we hating on a man that stood by Detroit and why are we hating on a man who lowered ticket prices for fans here?

Before you say Motor City Lib you're just an alarmist, you don't know what you're talking about, let me remind you of this. The media here went out their way to protect Rick Snyder who avoided to take any political stances and they didn't press him on why he didn't want to take a stance, he didn't want to debate the media didn't force him to debate, we had a paper call him a liar and 24 months later that same paper endorsed him for re-election and when he poison a city the media didn't say a word until Rachael Maddow and other national media outlets pointed a spotlight at Flint.

I bet ya if you point out Kid Rock panders to southern racist, the media here will say he has a bi-racial son, therefore, he can't be a racist. So him rocking a symbol of slavery and white supremacy is null and void because his baby mama is a black chick.

What I believe will prevent him from running is the fact Detroit and being linked to Trump heavily is going to ruin that relationship.  And barring Trump allowing something awful to happen between now and October 31, 2018, he's going be unpopular and again being linked to Trump spells doom for your business. And at the end of the day Kid Rock cares about making cash and just having a hillbilly fanbase isn't going to cut it.
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