Thursday, September 22, 2016

Washing your hands off blood 2.0

There's another case of we're going to wash our hands of blood if we enable another American dark age, professional ass clown @HumanistReport wrote a shitty piece entitled "If Trump wins, blame Clinton" the writer claims Clinton is running a campaign that has no vision it's clear Mikey here hasn't ventured outside the Bernie dank memes and other lame ass pro-Bern/emo left blogosphere because Clinton has a detailed plan for every issue that's out there the problem for her is the media rather cover rantings of a mad man with orange hair and talk about debunked Clinton scandals.

Again like the other clown @DanielDenvir Mikey is trying to play don't blame young, dumb entitled white kids card if Donald Trump wins.  My take on this if Trump wins, yes you motherfuckers should get the blame and should take the longest walk of shame ever while people of color throw shit at you.  You're not voting for Gary Johnson or Jill Stein out of principle you're voting for these loons because you didn't have people in your lives that told no so you're going to make the non-believers pay.
The problem for guys like @HumanistReport and @DanielDenvir they're so stuck in Bernie bro butthurt mode they refuse to look at the actual picture Clinton is outperforming the pace President Obama had with voters of color and she's threatening to turn once reliable Republican states into Democratic states.

I have a feeling if the shoe was on the other foot and Clinton supporters were talking about sitting out the election or voting 3rd party I think @HuamnistReport headline would be if "Trump wins, blame big baby Clinton supporters" like I stated before I thought Bernie was lame, one issue pony and he refused to talk to people of color about our issues. But if he was the nominee I would hold my nose and vote for him because the fate of the country is way bigger than my feelings. But entitled white liberals don't feel that way because the only circles they travel in are with other well-off to do white liberals. And the few people of color they interact with think like them.

One last thing the Bernie would be winning myth: By judging the media treatment of the two camps, no Bernie wouldn't be winning if he was the Democratic nominee. And B. Bernie been running for a president for a year and he didn't experience any prolong negative campaign. Clinton didn't attack him because she didn't want to come off as a bully and she would be wasting money on attacking another candidate that only has one core group of supporters. Republicans didn't go after him because they were hoping Democrats were dumb enough to nominate him. And crush with ads saying he's going to raise taxes to pay for his "far left" agenda plans and his honeymoon in the USSR.

I got to admit I do enjoy watching entitled white people proclaim they're going to support Gary Johnson because they claim Clinton supports TPP and fracking while voting for a guy who supports both of those things.

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