Friday, October 21, 2011

Stewart on Gaddafi’s death: ‘What the f*ck is wrong’ with Republicans?

By David Edwards

Comedy Central’s Jon Stewart pointed out Thursday that there seemed to be no conservatives willing to give President Barack Obama and the United States any credit for the death of former Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi.
“The [Obama] administration reacted to today’s victory with relief and amazement, the Libyan people with gratitude and jubilation, but for one group, the death of Gaddafi, the dictator and major sponsor of international terrorism, would require more reflection, time to process and figure out how this good news could actually be bad,” Stewart explained.
Fox News co-host Andrea Tantaros complained that “we don’t know what these rebels are going to do.” Former UN ambassador John Bolton worried that the new Libyan leaders could be a “radical Islamists regime or one that harbors international terrorists.”
“Are we really sure about getting rid of Gaddafi?” Stewart joked. “Who knows? The next guy who comes in could be crazy… Is there no Republican that can be gracious and statesman-like in this situation? We removed a dictator in six months, losing no American soldiers, spending like a billion dollars rather than a trillion dollars and engendering what appears to be good will from people who now have a prideful story of their own independence to tell — not to mention, they have oil.”
But Republican Sens. Marco Rubio, John McCain and Charles Grassley seemed determined only to give credit to the French and the British.
“What the fuck is wrong with you people?” Stewart wondered. “Honestly, what is wrong with you? Are you that small? ‘You know what else? We really got to give credit to the Chinese. Without the invention of gun powder, I don’t know.’”
Watch this video from Comedy Central’s The Daily Show, broadcast Oct. 20, 2011.
(H/T: Mediaite)
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